Way of Learning Blue White Light:
        The Way of Learning

One finds one's teachers spread out across time,
across cultures, across languages,
sometimes offering many lights, sometimes offering many colors,
perhaps once in a lifetime offering an experiential flare
then carried within from that encounter forward.

When there are so many ideas ancient and modern,
one may wonder whether one's own experiential accumulation
is mostly common and shared or perhaps unique.

One should suspect that across the billions who are and who have been
there is little that occurs only once
and that what may seem unique
occurs much more frequently than one might suspect.


"The Way of Learning" is written in the manner of the Tao Te Ching of Lao Tsu, from the author's experiences teaching outside of the traditional school system while inside the public resources of museums, libraries, National Parks, and the many additional experiences and resources readily available.

                   Learning is a process of entering.
It is the birth of the child of the parent of the self.
The past is the womb.
How many can return?
Being born, there is a will to be.
This is each day’s awakening.

The Way of Learning is not tangible.
It can not be held.
It can not be measured.
It can not be owned.
Yet those who have this are not at loss.
Meeting life, they are ready.
This is the Way of Learning.

Knowledge is like water.
Water gives life.
Knowledge gives understanding and meaning.
Neither strive, both flow.
In living be aware.
In thought be unlimited.
In learning become full.
In action fulfill others.
Gentleness does not strive.
Truth does not strive.
Competence does not strive.
Gentleness, truth, and competence flow like water.

The Way of Learning
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Text and Artwork Copyright © Will Johnstone